Hazem hamwi

Hazem hamwi drawings

Posted 2017-06-07

Hazem Alhamwi is a Syrian satirical cartoonist, painter and film producer. Currently he lives in Berlin. His movie ‘From My Syrian Room’ will be shown, followed by a discussion in presence of Hazem Alhamwi.
How can you keep your humanity in a country where you’re educated to erase in yourself any singularity? In his early years, Hazem Alhamwi found his own way to live and to feel free, drawing obsessively in his own room. But in 2011, finally, the Revolution started. The Syrian people went out in the streets. Hazem Alhamwi found himself unable to face his terror immediately. How could he stay paralyzed in such an important moment in his destiny? Going back to his remote memories, from his childhood to nowadays, Hazem Alhamwi tells about the will of freedom of a whole country. For the camera in his room his old art teacher, friend Rhina, former political prisoner Ghassan and others share their experiences with the brutal regime of father and son Assad. Alhamwi's drawings illustrate the shared fear and despair.