from October 6 till 21
de Warande / UGC Turnhout /
Bozar / hetpaleis


On Friday October 6th the second edition of Arab Cartoon Festival starts in de Warande. This annual festival aims to build bridges between the Arabic countries and the Belgian society. It does so not only on the level of the cartoonists presented. Cartoons are also a starting point to unravel the (stereo)typical ‘characteristics’ of (the relation between) our different societies. This year’s theme will be ‘Cracks in society’. The last years financial crises, humanitarian disasters, terror and envy are switching constantly. The world rolls slow but steady from misfortune to misfortune. As world citizens we are forced into following this evolution and we can see the effects every single day around us: our societies are drifting apart. The internet brings us from Belgium to Australia or Alaska in one single mouse click. We are closer to each other but at the same time, we live on our own, brainwashed by the media. But is that truly so? The Arab Cartoon Festival open doors between cultures around the whole world. By means of cartoons we can laugh, talk, chat, play, discuss and gain new insights. ‘Cracks in society’ invites visitors to fill up the “cracks” with sarcasm and humor and put a smile on everyone’s face. Besides cartoons the festival presents visual art, theater and dance, a film program and much more